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After a 40 year break from riding, Elizabeth has helped me find my confidence as a new dressage rider.  There’s a lot to figure out with this sport and it’s been so helpful to have Elizabeth’s consistent support. My horse and I are now training 2nd level and love learning more every week!

-Marleen Shanks

Our Pony Club kids love working with Elizabeth. She’s kind, upbeat, but firm and challenging. She has a great eye for movement and can communicate it in a way that is easily understood and actionable. She’s passionate about her work but for me, as the DC the best part of working with Elizabeth is her willingness to partner and work together as a team. She’s a good listener and problem solver. We’re so lucky to have her.

-Jen Brenes

Kind, high quality, amazing dressage and jumping trainer

-Lily Brenes (age 10)

We have been working with Elizabeth for over a year and a half, as a trainer for our 13-year-old daughter. As a professional, she is personable and easy to work with, always willing to accommodate and assist in any way she can. As a trainer, she holds consistent and high expectations, all while providing the positive support necessary to promote incredible growth for our young rider.

-Jennene Rehberger
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